Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dedicated to ejian wif more love

Omgosh. What a weekend. Took a LRT to Sentul Timur where tracy picked me up. Her friend sittin in the passenger seat turned around n’ intro-ed herself- Melanie, a fellow Penangite who’s studying in Help. She’s pretty *blushes* and nice too! :) Anyway, tracy had 2 pass up her assignment so off we went to UTAR wif tracy driving like a MADMAN!!! *shrieks hysterically* :S hahah.. UTAR is pretty huge… a bit dead tho’ but i suppose it's bcoz it was already 5pm.

We had steamboat that night using the rice cooker-tomyam soup, meat, balls, mushrooms, crabstick, vege, u name it.... Mmm... it was all good! :) n' to top it off, there was ice cream 4 dessert!! yum! :pAfter dinner, us 4 girls-tracy, melanie, mel n' i-played chor tai ti... pre-training 4 cny ;) heheh.. won a few, lost a few... and watched 'American pie: the naked mile'. oh man!! it's so so so funny k!! u guys juz gotta watch it! couldn't stop laughing!! hahaha.. melanie, if ur readin' this, arent u glad u stayed 4 d' movie? ;)

D next day was a lazy 1... we lazed around til like 6sumthin b4 headin' out. dinner was at Secret Recipie in Centerpoint and then.... adventure struck!! we missed d' turning 2 Penchala link n' ended up in Bandar Seri Damansara where d' road went round in circles. we were like, 'eh? didnt we juz pass this?' hahah.. in d' end we decided 2 use d main road n' follow all d other cars coz it was pretty late by then n' heck, where would all that traffic be heading to but KL right? WRONG! we ended up in Sungai Buloh, which, would've been fine if we could see d' jejantas so we could at least u-turn but no.. all we saw was kampung.. but d' signboard stated that klang was straight ahead so we kept goin... n goin.. d' cars bcame fewer, d houses more kampung-like... n' yet we kept goin... anyway, we finally made a u-turn n asked 4 directions. thank God we managed 2 find our way back k... it was quite freaky la.. wat if we ended up back in Pg? hahah..
so yeah.. unsatisfied wif our erm.. lack of adventure, we headed 2 d' big city 2 check out d' nightlife wif tracy's fren(whom she cheated a stamp of) as our tourguide ;) passed by d' club areas like maison n' zouk... KL is damn happening man!! wanna try it out 1 day. heheh.. n' oh yeah.. we saw hookers.. their boobs were practically popping out n' their skirts were fuckin short k.. i cud actually see their butt n boy were dey ganas! one was dancin on d streets n suddenly grabbed a passing guy's arm! d guy quickly flung off her hands n she, unbothered, continued dancin n' eying other unsuspecting targets.

Jian... u were missed terribly k!! cant wait fo' u 2 come down kl... den we can go visit d' eye of malaysia thingy, n' go genting, n' eat bbq plaza again, n' bak kut teh too!! ;)

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