Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fun with the new Facebook profile layout

My first thought when I first saw the recent profile changes on Facebook was that there's less privacy as all details would be listed right on top of the page, just below the user's name. No way was anyone going to convince me to voluntarily switch to it!

But I've gotta eat my words now thanks to this article on Gizmodo.

Alexandre Oudin's

All I can say is brilliant. The artist, Alexandre Oudin, has deffo inspired me to attempt his ingenious idea :)

Excerpt from Gizmodo:
"For anyone who wants to copy his style, all you have to do is block the other photos you're tagged in and upload photos to your profile pictures album that are the exact size (yes, down to the pixel) of the display on Facebook and voilĂ !"


I had a bit of trouble understanding the tip at first and so decided to tinker around a bit. This was the final way I used:

First off is to block tagged photos and to make a screenshot of your Facebook profile. Adjust the screenshot opacity so that it's semi-transparent. Insert a photo, align it into the photo areas and crop the areas you'd like to use. It helps if you have a photo editing software such as Photoshop. Once you get this sorted out, upload them into your profile photo album and start tagging! Remember to tag the photo that is supposed to appear at the end of the photostream first.

Or if trying to align all the photos is too much of a pain, even this looks pretty cool :)

My first attempt

What do you think?


blammer said...

Oh! So that's how you did it. I remember checking your fb profile ystday and thinking that it's cool how you managed that. Assumed that it was a feature of the new profile that one could choose. Now I know that it's complicated lol.

scoobz said...

Hey! Yeah it was but well worth the work :D I have plenty of time anyway as I recently quit my job. How are things with you?

Michael Ch'ng said...

I want create such profile picture too.. haha.. really damn nice