Friday, June 05, 2009


I'M FREEEEEE~!! Exams are finally over!! Hahah. There's so many things I could do, where do I start?

On one hand, there are the non-productive activities such as going on drama marathons and lazing about in my room, and on the other hand, there's the more productive activities such as brushing up on my writing, and giving those creative muscles a chance to flex. Then there's my mess of a room to clean, laundry to do, and a CV to perfect before the jobhunt starts. Hmm.... I guess the decision will have to wait till tomorrow?

Until then, my bed and movie filled laptop calls.

Signing off with a bit of gay news from the animal kingdom that I saw on Yahoo! this morning:

Proves further that sexual preferance is not a choice, it's just a natural occurance that we have no say on, and that being gay doesnt affect us being good parents. So, why do many still discriminate against gays and oppose gay marriage? Chew on that.

Ta all~


Quin said...

yea~~~ freedom!! freedom is only one day away from me.. so i shall persevere!

i'd say flex that creative muscle of yours, u have probably been planning to do that thru out the whole schl term but cudn't due to schl work. do it now!!! before the lazy bum mood settles in!

enjoy ya.. =D

winnie said...

that last paragraph of yours,i totally agree! hmphs!

scoobz said...

Quin: Hurrah for freedom! :D Yeah, I chucked my computer aside (which was a bit hard to do actually) yesterday and attempted to do some sketching. Got lazy after a while so it still needs a lot of work. Haha. And I've finally got my hands on the Twilight books so the next few days will be spent on them! :)

Winnie: Lol. Thank you!

Quin said...

i read the first book, twilight. so over rated!!!

*runs off before the shoe hit*

=P no la, but seriously, the author's concept of vampires not too much to my liking.. have u ever read LJ Smith? Read her in my teens, and I loved her super natural books. Now if I were to read back, not sure if it'll pull me in as much as before.

scoobz said...

Nope, I haven't read LJ Smith but I agree that Twilight is definitely over rated. I found the pace a bit too slow. Too many details on how gorgeous Edward looked, Bella's feelings, Bella's frustrations, bla bla (you get my drift) and too little on the action scenes.

*braces self for the incoming shoes as well*

Hahah. I actually kinda liked Christopher Pike's vampire concept. Have you read his The Last Vampire series? There were about 6-7 in total. I guess our tastes evolve with age. I can't believe that I used to like Sweet Valley High!

Khai Ven said...

good for u grassy..better do something worthwhile during ur hols..don't be like me,eat n sleep only..go travel around and enjoy BWEATHTAKING views

eh, btw everytime i try coming to your blog, my antivirus will abort its connection saying got virus weird wan..maybe something wrong with the everytime i wanna visit ur blog, have to come college and use their comp..

scoob said...

BReathtaking!! I can pronounce 'r' better now!! Haha..

Antivirus? Seriously? Hmm.. I wonder what's wrong. Does it happen when you go to other blogs?

winnie said...

kv! her blog got virus 1 la..cos of all her contents! hahaha!

scoob said...

Eh winnie! Don't be nonsensical laa. My blog rating is still quite safe ok!! Hmphh!! Hahaha

pz said...

wei freedom dee why no update?

scoobz said...

Soon, soon. Got lotsa unpacking to do at the moment haha.