Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy SADay / Vday!

Happy Single's Awareness Day to all singletons out there and Happy Valentines to all you lucky attached ones! Lol.

While my past few SADay's have been mostly emo-ridden, this year's quite alright. Woke up late, had a healthy lunch made up of digestives and oat bake bars, then settled down comfortably with Absinth truffles, a spot of the christmassy jam I bought from the Christmas market in Germany, some Absolute spiked juice, and a couple of feel-good movies. Rewatched 'Grey Matters', 'Imagine Me and You', and 'Out at the Wedding'. Ah, bliss. Of course it would be better if there was someone to snuggle up with but heck, I can make do. Will be having dinner later with the men in my life. Herbal soup is the order of the day. Just perfect in this wintry weather. What else could I ask for? :)


melllzzz said...

aaaaahhh the man in your life, he who i think he is?

scoobz said...

Note that it's MEN, not man. Hahahaha! And yes, one of them is who you think it is ;)

adri-enne said...

can i has absinthe truffles? :D

Your breakfast menu is the best ever, buddy!

scoobz said...

It is ain't it? I think so too! ;)
Yes you can! Lol. I'll be sure to bring some back when I do go back. Not so soon tho. I hope! *fingers crossed*